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KMS Cheatsheet

Useful commands on Windows 10 to manage enterprise activations with a KMS server, and using auto-discovery over DNS.

Windows 10 KMS Client Setup Keys

# if windows was not installed with a kms client key, install one
slmgr /ipk <key>

# add srv record to dnsmasq conf file
srv-host=_vlmcs._tcp.<search domain>,<server hostname>,1688

# lookup current record for auto discovery host
nslookup -type=srv _vlmcs.tcp

# display current kms activation 
slmgr /dli

# display current kms activation with volume info
slmgr /dlv

# assign kms server manually
slmgr -skms <ip_or_host>:1688

# revert to auto-discovery
slmgr -ckms

# rearm activation manually
slmgr /rearm